UT21 Online

 Video Competition

List of Nominees

Category 1 - Research Presentation

CSIRO's Acoustic Optical System

Andreas Marouchos

Parent-Child-Based Navigation Method of Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for Ship-Free Underwater Survey

Takumi Matsuda

Environmental monitoring by fishing boats and its application for predicting fish catch

Shota Suzuki

Development of underwater amphibious robot "PEAR"

Taesik Kim

Deep sea terminal - shallow sea trial

Fumitaka Sugimoto

Investigation of Biofouling on Synthetic Fiber Rope for Safety Criteria of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines Mooring Design -Investigation in Hokkaido-

Toshiki Chujo

New Approaches for Practical Simultaneous Operation of Multi-AUVs

Kangsoo Kim

6G - Bring the Internet to the underwater world

Yujian Guo

Crosstalk Removal in Forward Scan Sonar Image Using Deep Learning for Object Detection

Minsung Sung

-RamaCam- deep-sea particle analyser by integrating holography and  Raman spectroscopy

Tomoko Takahashi

Category 2 - General

AUV to crush Jellyfish

Jonghyun Ahn

Prototypes of Underwater Propulsors for Amphibious Robot

Kazunori Hosotani

Video Entry for IEEE OES UT21 - Trident Labs VIT Pune under Marine Robotics

Parth S Hasabnis

Jelly fish robot to catch micro plastic debris

Yusuke Inoue

Development and Sea Trial of a 10kW Floating Kuroshio Turbine (FKT)

Ling-Ji Mu

The CO2 seep investigation by HOBALIN

Masahiko Sasano

What is Team KUROSHIO's vision "One Click Ocean"?

Takeshi Nakatani

The Recovery of the Semi-Submersible ASV with a Folding Antenna

Shogo Inaba

Sokobouzu, Gargantua of the abyss caught on deep sea video!

Yoshikazu Saito

KYUBIC Introduction movie

Takanobu Matsuo



A Multimodal Hybrid Aerial Underwater Vehicle NEZHA-III

Chenxin Lyu

Standing Submarine "I-47"

Tamaki Ura