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Video Competition

Announcement of Finalists: February 1, 2021

See the complete list of finalists.

Finalists Video Viewing Period: February 1 to 19, 2021

UT21 Online with Awards Ceremony: March 2, 2021

Registered participants are allowed to listen to lectures, view all the nominated videos, and vote fo the best video!  Voting period is from February 1 to 19. Register now to vote for the best video!  


Call for Videos

UT21 calls for videos designed to promote the appeal of Underwater Technology (Undersea Engineering) to a wide audience. Specific themes for the videos are as follows: 

   1. Environmental Monitoring 

   2. Marine Robotics

   3. Marine Mineral Resources 

   4. Renewable Energy 

   5. Marine Construction 

   6. Observatory and Disaster Mitigation 

   7. Fishery Engineering 

   8. Acoustics and Communications

   9. Sensors 

   10. Underwater Technology with Covid-19

Important Dates

Entry Period: Thursday, October 1  - Friday, December 18, 2020

Announcement of Finalists: Early February 2021

UT21 Online with Awards ceremony: March 2, 2021

Entry is now closed

Competition Categories

Category 1 - Research Presentation

Video is expected to be of an applicant speaking on research, however as long as the video describes the research, the format is not limited to conventional presentation style. Please provide a clear and interesting summary of your research.

Category 2 - General

Any style of presentation is acceptable. For example, trouble, funny or unusual scenes, beautiful or exciting scenes captured on video during underwater experiment.


Applicants must register for this event. Failure to register by the date separately specified may result in cancellation of the application.

Applicants must agree to the terms and conditions of competition.

Only one (1) entry per person in each category may be submitted.

How to Apply

Apply through the competition website. In order to enter the competition, applicant must first register for the UT21 Online and pay the registration fee. See the Participation page for more information.

Video Requirements

- Video must be between one to three minutes (between 1'00" and 3'00").

- Only videos uploaded to YouTube will be considered for the competition. The privacy setting for the video must be "Unlisted". If you wish to apply the video previously uploaded to YouTube as "Public" for this competition, you must change the privacy setting to "Unlisted" or make a new upload.

- Sound is not required.

- The language must be English. For non-English speech, English subtitles must be provided.

- Include required information in the description section of the YouTube upload. (such as title, author, note that the video is submitted to UT21 Online Video Competition, etc. Details to be announced later.)

- If the video has been previously published at another conference, on YouTube, or other social networking sites, please specify the date and medium of publication at the time of entry.

- Videos that have been or will be submitted to other video competitions are not acceptable.

Special Notes

- Although the copyright of the video submissions belongs to the applicant, the organizer may release (distribute the URL) to the participants of this event and other related parties free of charge without the applicant's permission, regardless of region, period, or number of times.

- In principle, no modifications or replacements of submitted videos will be permitted between the end of the application period and the announcement of results. The privacy setting must also remain at "Unlisted".

- If there is more than one person who has contributed to the production of the video and its content, make sure to get permission from all of them in advance, including the names listed and the order in which they appear. (For example, do not submit someone else's work without their permission, even if they are in the same research group.)

- All images, music, sounds, materials, etc. used in the video submissions must not infringe on any intellectual property rights such as copyrights of third parties.

- Except for corrections within the bounds of common sense, the use of digitally processed or synthesized images are not allowed.

- Do not infringe on the portrait rights or privacy rights of any third party in the video submissions. If an individual person can be identified, obtain that person's permission or process the video so that the individual cannot be identified.

- If a copyright holder, portrait rights holder, or any other right holder claims infringement of rights or compensation for damages in relation to an entry video, the applicant shall be responsible for resolving the claim at his or her own expense, and the organizer shall not be held liable under any circumstances.

- Videos that fall into any of the following categories will be excluded from the judging process without notice to the applicant.

  • Violations of laws and regulations
  • Contains violent, discriminatory, or obscene expressions, or is offensive to public order and morals such as encouraging crime.
  • Those that defame or invade the reputation or privacy of individuals, companies, organizations, etc.
  • Infringes the copyright, trademark, portrait rights or other intellectual property rights of a third party.
  • Any advertisement or solicitation of a specific ideology, such as corporate or product propaganda, politics or religion.
  • Any other video that the organizer deems inappropriate for the purpose of the competition or against the rules and regulations.

- By submitting your application, you are deemed to have agreed to all the application guidelines.

Handling of Personal Information

Applicants' personal information will be used only to the extent necessary for the operation of this contest and will not be used for any other purpose.

The names and affiliations of the authors of the submitted works will be published on the website.

Selection Method

UT21 Technical Program Committee (TPC) will conduct the first screening to select the works to be nominated as finalists.

The works selected as finalists will be made available to the pre-registered participants of UT21 for voting. Information on the finalists' videos (titles, captions, authors, links to videos (if desired)) will also be posted on the website.

Final selection of competition winners will be made by the TPC and Steering Committee.

Preliminary results from the registered participants' votes and the weighted votes from TPC and Steering Committee members will counted to select the winners.


Winners will be announced on March 2, 2021 during UT21 Online event.

Popularity ranking of the pre-voting will be also announced.

The winners will be asked to make a speech. If they do not attend the event, we will ask a video message from the winners.

After the event, information about the winners (title, caption, author and link to the video (if desired) will be posted on the website.)


The following prizes will be awarded in each category.

  • Grand Prize (1 winner per category): JPY50,000 
  • Runner-up (1 winner per category): JPY 20,000
  • Young Researcher Prize (2 winners per category): JPY 20,000 

Entry Form UT21 Video Competition

Entry is now closed